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AFK & Doctor P come together on FuntCase’s DPMO imprint for old-school dubstep banger, ‘Destroyed’

Over ten years ago, Doctor P and Flux Pavilion formed Circus Records, and soon after, FuntCase joined the roster as an exclusive artist. A decade later, the tables have turned as DPMO is proud to welcome Doctor P and his collaborator AFK with their label debut release, “Destroyed.”

Expect face slapping whomps, and bass heavier than a ton of bricks. AFK and Doctor P are notorious individually for their weighty wubs and destructive basslines, so it seems the stars have aligned to bring them together on this track. AFK has previously collaborated with Qoiet, Parker, Carbin, Borgore, Bare Noize, Wooli, and SVDDEN DEATH including remixes for Riot Ten, Whales, and releases on Insomniac’s Bassrush, Zed Dead’s Deadbeats, Jauz’s Bite This!, and Borgore’s Buygore.

Doctor P continues a solid release run, following on from his collaboration with Chime on the track “The Minotaur,” “Way To You” which featured Dani Senior and Get Money. The combination of these two artists is as lethal as a snake bite as the track opens with that unmistakable melody before dropping into major death stomps and monstrous destruction.

AFK x Doctor P – Destroyed

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