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Ambient producer AK returns to Monstercat with another soothing single, ‘Smoke’

Following a string of ethereal releases last month, ambient producer AK has officially returned to Monstercat with his poignant new single, entitled “Smoke.” Accompanied by atmospheric pads, floating vocals, and textural sonic elements, “Smoke” conveys a somber message of the recent climate issues that have plagued our world. Conversely, the melodic keys and soft, warm guitar chords instill a feeling of hope, reassuring listeners that clear skies are possible with change.

When I wrote the song in 2020, I tried to capture how I felt about the current state of the world, climate change in particular. The title ‘Smoke’ metaphorically stands for a symptom of something having gone wrong, while the hopeful mood of the track tries to indicate that things can still be steered into a different direction.

– AK

AK’s music has always been influenced by his surroundings, and currently, his home base in Kassel, Germany. Inspired by its striking nature juxtaposed by bustling cityscapes, AK often captures local field recordings and integrates the unique sounds into his music.

AK – Smoke

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