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Stream Rome in Silver’s wonderfully versatile ‘Makeshift Moon’ EP, out via bitbird

Those that have been tuned into this season of Rome in Silver’s musical venture will not be disappointed with the season finale. It comes in the form of his summertime EP project, Makeshift Moon. Known perhaps most for his unbridled support from CloZee, he’s opened for the French Goddess of Glitch numerous times, including during her VOYAGE curated event last weekend, as well as remixed CloZee’s “Winter Is Coming” off her Neon Jungle remix album. Now the producer, whose given name is Vinny Pisciotta, steps out on his own for a highly versatile five-track offering, out now on the illustrious bitbird.

The SoCal producer says the following in a press statement: “this EP means a ton because it’s essentially the finale to this string of releases in the series of EP’s I’ve dropped. From ‘Like Lightning’ to ‘Forever Flame’ and ending it off with ‘Makeshift Moon’…This story comes to a close before I embark on the next chapter.

Rome in Silver has showcased his diversity as an artist with the EP’s previously released singles each taking on a different sound: “Colorblind” with Biicla saw him do a rare collab, creating a danceable yet cathartic tune reflecting on a dark period in his life, while “Like You” offered up snaking progressions and bubbling electronics were ethereal and enchanting. Each of the five tracks on the EP also take on a style of their own, which Rome in Silver credits to the location he was in while writing them. 

I definitely took in a lot of my surroundings when I made this EP. Each track was written in a different location ranging from Palm Springs to Orange County…they all have a drastically different feel. You can feel the solitude of the desert [on one track] and the uplifting and euphoric mood of the ocean [on another.]”

– Rome In Silver

Another source of great inspiration for Rome in Silver comes from films. “I spend a lot of time watching movies, analyzing them and coming up with cool concepts for future music videos and/or other projects..Growing up I wanted to be a director but the dream fell apart once I discovered music.” However, Rome in Silver got the opportunity to combine his passion for both filmmaking and music with the release of his first-ever music video, “Like You,” which he self-directed.

This year has already been a big one for Rome in Silver, and there’s more to come, including a festival appearance at Bonnaroo and tour dates with Hippie Sabotage and San Holo. So stay tuned for the next season and stream Makeshift Moon now.

Rome In SIlver – Makeshift Moon EP

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