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Flamingosis Daymaker

The wait is over: Flamingosis is tenacious, versatile, & truly virtuosic on his star-studded debut LP, ‘Daymaker’


Some artists have been around for so long, the world just assumes they are well-established virtuosos. So it usually comes with a bit of surprise (and delight) when they’re unveiling their debut studio album. Brooklyn-based electro-funk producer Flamingosis is one of those artists. Well established, yet still rising to the occasion in his own right, the electronic artist (born Aaron Velasquez) now delivers on his hotly-anticipated full-length, Daymaker.

After building up the LP with already-released singles like “Wild Summer,” “Cosmic Feeling,” and the title track in “Daymaker,” the full 13-track LP delivery is a symbol of cohesion and collaboration, maturity and versatility, as well as a display of true artistic strength. Both thematically and technically, Flamingosis’s Daymaker represents a highly eclectic electronic journey through time and space as he melds high-energy future-funk beats with melodic soundscapes, spaced-out synths, and groovy guitar riffs.

When he began writing the album back n 2019, Flamingosis’s goal was to widen his sonic palette and stretch his boundaries. For the first time, he hit the studio with collaborators to architect what would become Daymaker. In a true grandmaster display, Velasquez assembled an all-star cast of musicians in only the way a veteran could pull off.

With keyboardist Borahm Lee (Pretty Lights, Break Science), Jeff Franca (Thievery Corporation), Hunter Roberts, and hip-hop funk duo Recess and Mike Tallman (Euforquestra), it’s safe to say Flamingosis accomplished far more than what he set out to do. “It’s the first time I’ve made original compositions in a studio session with musicians,” elaborates Velasquez on the high-powered collaborations throughout his LP’s development. “I was initially scared, but so much great material came out of the sessions.

Yet, despite collaboration being new to him, the creative process was still came completely naturally for Flamingosis. As he elaborates in a press release,

We weren’t just passing files back and forth online. It was hands-on. You never know if it’s a full band or an electronic hip-hop beat. It was so cool to make music in a new way.”

– Flamingosis

Expanding on his widened sonic palette, Daymaker also incorporates vintage samples from the late 70s and early 80s alongside the likes of Graham Central Station, Tim Maia, The Voices of East Harlem, Eddie Hazel, Niteflyte, and more. 

The 13-track release is also available as limited edition 180g double LP with pink discs, which comes with a 12×24 poster insert. Check out Daymaker vinyl and merch options here. Flamingosis also plans to set out on an album-accompanying fall tour, which will see him make his way across 24 US cities from September through to December 2021.

Flamingosis – Daymaker LP

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