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ivy lab UK halftime bass duo

Ivy Lab brings Raveena’s ‘Heartbeat’ into heavy halftime with sauntering new bootleg cut

Originally starting life as a trio, Ivy Lab were brought together out of a shared enthusiasm for experimentations on the fringes of the UK bass music scene. Now working as a duo, the North London outfit find themselves at the apex of the halftime and future beats movement. A motley assortment of actors from across the UK and NA bass music scenes have been adopting their sonic heritage to experiments with hip-hop and drum machine electronica, but today Ivy Lab puts their touches on Raveena‘s upbeat, soulful original, “Heartbeat.”

Officially a bootleg, Ivy Lab slows down the original into halftime and brings their cutting-edge sound design to “Heartbeat” in only the way Ivy Lab can. With a plethora of pulsating, rumbling basslines, swirling and liquid synths, dragging drum work, and highly experimental textures and tones, Ivy Lab’s bootleg cut is sure to get anyone’s heart rate going all while slowing down the minds of their listeners into a deeply introspective state. This touch-up will leave listeners absolutely breathless.

Raveena – Heartbeat (Ivy Lab Remix)

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