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Yheti Noetic Sunrise

Yheti deep dives into the unexpected sounds of summer on gorgeously composed 8-track EP, ‘Noetic Sunrise’

As one of bass music’s undisputed top experimentalists, Yheti‘s musical output is always unpredictably delightful. With a self-described catalog of “ever morphing detailed sound sculpture[s],” Tyler Holler’s wildly diverse sound plays to the more experimental, surreal, low-end heavy side of electronic music. That’s exactly what fans can expect from the unexpected bass maestro’s newest eight-track EP deliverance, titled Noetic Sunrise.

Following his heralded The Party Has Changed LP and a year of fan-friendly live streams, Yheti’s newest project dives into deep sonic exploration through emotion and sound. He’s also credited on the cover art as well, with depictions featuring simplistic figures over a mellow sunset backdrop, representative of the soothing body of music within. Noetic Sunrise is befitting of the times too; offering an introspective, curative experience for listeners after a year of hardship.

“8 tracks focused on a sunrise after a thousand parties, written in the deepest parts of my heart and brain.”

— Yheti

Built for Yheti’s coveted sunrise sets, the EP project opens up with “think about you everyday,” a slow-moving production accented by somber synth work. This melancholy introduction continues on “fall in love,” a track backed by distortion fit for a nursery rhyme, and “emerge in the feeling,” which features the first vocals on the project. Prompted by an ethos of creativity, snappy drums and synths create a trap feel within this calm aesthetic.

The more upbeat themes continue through “new perception” and “heart bloom,” which builds through playful notes before skidding into a brooding menagerie of percussion and modulation. The project wraps up with “never see you again,” which descends into a slow-moving, somber production that’s reminiscent of the sun’s final descent below the horizon

Composing music weekly for fifteen years, Yheti has written and released over 150 tracks. So it goes without saying that Holler is a leader of the experimental bass scene— always referred and looked up to for his highly intellectual sonic creations. That’s precisely what the term “noetic” refers to: “of or relating to mental activity or intellect.” With Noetic Sunrise, Yheti reestablishes his status as one of electronic music’s premiere creatives as he seldom creates what’s expected.

Yheti – Noetic Sunrise EP

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