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GRiZ teams with ProbCause & Chrishira Perrier on ‘Rainbow Brain,’ hints at incoming album

Photo Credit: 303 Magazine.

Just when you thought GRiZ couldn’t possibly squeeze anything else into 2021, the electro-soul maestro continues along with his tear. Today, July 9, the Detroit bred, Colorado-based artist releases “Rainbow Brain,” featuring a pair of longtime GRiZ collaborators, ProbCause and Chrishira Perrier. The single releases come along with a hefty hint that the joint could just be the title track to his tenth studio album.

A nod to the renaissance of bass music and dubstep’s golden age, “Rainbow Brain” draws on GRiZ’s admiration of the genre’s torchbearers. It’s a tune that feels radically authentic to his own path as an artist and portrays the experiences that have defined him as a positive force of good. “Rainbow Brain” also stands as a point of stylistic departure from the records on GRiZ’s most recent album, Ride Waves, but it radiates with all of the same positive energy and feel-good vibes synonymous with his brand of uplifting electronic music.

“Rainbow Brain” sees the lyrically gifted hip-hop MC ProbCause makes his return to the world of GRiZ alongside the soulful vocals of Chrishira Perrier. Both artists moonlight as members of the GRiZ touring band. From powerful saxophone melodies to astronomical bass synths, the track is a transcendent journey through GRiZ’s colorful soundscapes of space and time.

From inception, GRiZ envisioned “Rainbow Brain” as a bass-music forward project consisting of tracks he’s most excited to perform upon live music’s return. Stay tuned to CE for all things GRiZ as he is expected to be announcing his next studio album, Rainbow Brain, next week!

GRIZ – Rainbow Brain ft. ProbCause & Chrishira Perrier

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