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All paths lead to Sound Haven: Here’s a loaded bass road trip mix to curate the drive to Jaceland

As lovers of all things underground bass begin making their treks to Jaceland, Tennessee from every corner of the country, they journey will be long and hard for some. For those in the Midwest and Deep South, Sound Haven is practically in their backyards. In any case, what better way to gear up for a weekend with appearances from the likes of Black Carl!, Ravenscoon, The Widdler, Super Future, and more than a playlist for the open road? That’s why Conscious Electronic is proud to bring the “festi-hood of the traveling wooks” a brand new playlist packed with over 70 of our favorite tracks from artists across the weekend.

Coming in as the latest edition of our very special Road Trip mix series, the Road to Sound Haven playlist features specially-curated CE staff picks for every artist on the 2021 line-up— from CE favorites like Supertask, Mystic Grizzly, Tripp St., Benji Robot, and MIZE to SpicyBois MeSo, MOLOKAI, Vibe Emissions, and BANKaJI, to female power acts A Hundred Drums, Khiva, NotLö, VEIL, and so many more!

Whether it’s the weird wubs of Ives, Angelic Root, Kromuh, DeeZ, and The Widdler, or the West Coast wobbles of Salt Lake City’s Prophet, Portland’s Meduso, or the heavy low end sounds of Wriza, Chmura, Mersiv, Jantsen, Space Wizard, and all those residing in the Mile High “bass capital,” there’s truly something for all taste buds when it to heavy, low-end sub bass delicacies. All geographical corners of the country are represented, including Orlando’s Rest In Pierce, the guys of Ternion Sound from Minneapolis, Chciago’s Mistah, and sub.Mission favorite Resonant Language.

Nearly every neighborhood of experimental underground bass represented on the lineup too. Our Road Trip playlist is curated with this very same thing in mind— from the scratchy scribbles and uptempo glitch-hop from Hullabalo0, Somatoast, and more, to the fusion sounds of Tripp St., 5AM, and cHLL sMTH. Don’t forget about the fresh-faced newcomers either, including IZZI, Lowcation, ZIIM, SLC’s Funkmod, and Atlanta-based artists SLZRD, Zen Selekta, and Chief Kaya, Also, be sure to check out a very special edition of CE‘s Rising Bass Spotlight with the Top Five Sound Haven Artists with less than 5K SoundCloud followers.

Like and follow our Road Trip playlist, Sound Haven edition. Also, be sure to check out official set times for the weekend to start planning your Sound Haven 2021 schedule now.

Sound Haven 2021 Roadtrip Mix

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About Sound Haven

Curated by Sacred Hive, a Nashville-based event promotion company, Sound Haven is a fully transformational event that takes place annually in Tennessee at the spiritual oasis known as Jaceland, located just an hour north of the historic town of Chattanooga. The immersive underground bass experience returns for its third annual gathering this July 28-Aug 2, 2021 with a lineup that reads like a “Who’s Who” of rising bass up-and-comers.

After the beautiful experiences that took place at Jaceland in 2019, the folks at Sacred Hive knew they had to continue to bring the magic to these incredible grounds. Bringing together a massive lineup of bass acts, cutting-edge visuals from the industry’s best live animators and VJs, and visionary art installations, the 2021 edition of Sound Haven is guaranteed to be an otherworldly, transformational experience.

Blasting out of the gates with an eye-popping first phase lineup, with headliners in Mersiv, Jantsen, Desert Dwellers sitting atop the roster, Sound Haven was turning heads from the start. With the recently released visual artist lineup curated by Actualize, along with crystal clear Funktion-One sound from the folks at Lost Horizons Productions, it’s becoming impossible to not pay attention. What is about to ensue over these four days in Tennessee will surely inspire bass music aficionados all across the country towards a second take.

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