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‘Melt’ away into euphonious bliss with Supertask’s sonic ‘savasana’ of an EP

It’s no secret that Supertask has been a downtempo daemon over the last few years. Between a summer album called Connections and his recent EP contributions as one-third of Lab Group, to his live streamed Bicycle Day immersive A/V experiences, and a few one-off releases like “Terms” and fan-favorite “Healing,” Kyle Bishoff is a genuine masterclass.

Now the Oregon native has pulled the next trick out of his proverbial hat in the form of a new two-track EP, titled Melt, and seemingly out of thin air. Yet, there’s no cheap frills on Supertask’s Melt; this one is all thrills and pure magic. On his newest extended player, Supertask embraces the enchanting, the euphonious, and the all-out ecstatic in his quest to reach nirvana.

Poised to lead his listeners into a deeply reflexive meditative listening state, Bishoff pulls on hypnotic, haunting melodies, ambient atmospheres, and blissful aural arrangements. Supertask never fails to put his audience in a trance as his notes and rhythms inspire us toward the calm and the ultimate sonic savasana. When the dust settles, and the music stops, Bishoff’s energy leaves us looking into the karmic window pane to really who is really looking back.

Stream Supertask’s Melt below and be sure to catch his live set this weekend at Sound Haven on the UFO Stage, Sunday at 9pm.

Supertask – Melt EP

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About Supertask

Supertask is an electronic music producer based out of Oregon. An injury at an early age forced him to create music with a unique and distinct approach. With the perfect blend of heavy and calm, engaging and introspective, danceable and meditative, Supertask reminds us of a side of bass music often overlooked, but frequently desired.

Supertask is an electronic beat producer based out of Oregon. With his distinctive approach to music creation, he composes euphonious arrangements that shroud listeners in an affable blanket of solace. His attention to detail leaves nothing to be desired as his music permeates the atmosphere and brings with it an irresistible temptation to lose yourself in the soothing, eclectic groove. With a seemingly infinite number events transpiring within the finite duration of each track, the name ‘Supertask’ could not be more fitting.

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