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Supertask plays The Great Northern in San Francisco

Supertask surveys the full gambit of emotion on new original 8-track album, ‘Connection’

Photo credit: City Blights.

Supertask has been riding an impressive streek in 2021. Between a rumored LAB Group EP in the works, some fresh show announcements, and his hugely-anticipated “Choose Your Own Adventure” live stream, which comes around annually on Bicycle Day, the CE favorite artist known as Kyle Bishoff is always one to watch. Now Bishoff has unleashed his newest project, titled Connection. Of course, Supertask hinted at the album a few months back with the release of “Terms,” the fourth track on the LP.

Complete with eight all-original solo tracks, Supertask takes listeners on an extremely vulnerable and introspective journey into somber downtempo, deep sub-bass, and gorgeous winding melodies. Connection marks Supertask’s first album since 2019’s Zero Day and covers the spectrum of emotions he felt going through really tough times in his personal and professional life during quarantine, which Bishoff detailed in some depth previously. He elaborates on that a bit more upon the release of the new full-length project:

“This is my first release in almost a year and my first album since 2019. Last year I took a break from things to focus on myself. It seems like things have been rough lately for many of us. Most of us spent last year in isolation. These tracks came out of these dark times in hopes they might connect us.”

– Supertask

With the perfect fusion of heavy and calm, engaging and introspective, danceable and meditative, Supertask always reminds his fans of a side of bass music that is so often overlooked but frequently desired. From the soothing progressions on the opening title track to the complex beat work of “Fibre” to the blissful atmospheres of midpoint track, “Gateway,” and gentle drop-off of the closing track, “Escape,” Supertask never ceases to take his listeners on a journey-filled rollercoaster ride of emotion. As such, Connection is one album that deserves a full start-to-finish listen.

Supertask – Connection LP

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