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Unconventional duo Voltalysis reveals screamo-inspired single, ‘Psycho Killing Machine’

A duo that no one could’ve seen coming, Voltalysis are making music that stops you in your tracks and demands to be listened to. Their music was never going to tick the boxes and confine them to genre-focussed mundanity. Meet Olivier and Ludo. Both grew up surrounded by music, their first memory of music was at the tender age of five. In their native of France, the pair constantly found themselves immersed in an incredible wealth of music, from progressive rock, electronic, dubstep, metal, and even to orchestral. The liberalism that surrounded them flowed into their own output. With their partnership forming in their early-adulthood, and their combined musical talents perfecting their sound, we see Voltalysis truly come into its own.  

“Voltalysis is an invented word. To us it’s the opposition of electrolysis. So converting chemical energy into electric energy . A play-with-words with volts and electrolysis!” 


The French duo now releases “Psycho Killing Machine,” an explosive song, sonically violent as it hashes out the details of a fight, yet Voltalysis weaves undertones of unexpected catchy, danceable elements to the track. Listen below.

Voltalysis – Psycho Killing Machine

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