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ToneVizion explores new ‘Realms’ of sound on interstellar 6-track EP journey

Indianapolis creator ToneVizion (real name Tony Ciovacco) is a hardline CE favorite. Since the release of his exclusive 7-track EP, The Calling, ToneVizion’s interstellar sonic footprint is one that shouldn’t be overlooked. He’s constantly proven himself with each and every release since and, time and again, has shown that keeping one’s head down in the studio pays off. Now ToneVizion has released an out-of-this-world EP, dubbed Realms, on the UK recording label, Visionary Shamanics.

Ciovacco told CE of the project:

“Realms was produced during some very stressful parts of my life this last year; each track was an expression of how I was feeling at the time of writing each track.”

Tony Ciovacco, aka ToneVizion

Clocking in at six tracks in length, the sonic journey that ToneVizion takes his listeners through is both diversely delivered and thematically cohesive. This is immediately apparent in the first four tracks, each beginning with “Real Of…” in their title lines, along with the sixth and final track, dubbed “The Journey,” which is 20-minute mix of the entire EP.

From the “Realm of the Divine” and “The Realm of Secrets” with their eastern-influenced sonics, to ToneVizion’s exploration of more bass-inflected tones on the “Realm of Infinite Spaces,” the album progresses quite nicely.

The third track, “Realm of the Unknown,” features the voice of Drsya, a vocalist Ciovacco worked with from India. Finally, “Third Eye Awakening” showcases a more funk-driven style of production to leave listeners off. ToneVizion said, “the end of the EP, ‘Third Eye Awakening’ is probably my favorite track from this project.  A lot of energy went into that track.”

“I wanted to create a sonic world where the listener could close their eyes and travel through the different realms of sound, yet provide the listener with their own unique experience. The EP, as with most of my music, is influenced by hip-hop styled beats, world instruments, and outer-worldly sounds.”

Tony Ciovacco, aka ToneVizion

Currently, the EP is available on exclusively on Bandcamp and Soundcloud, along with all other platforms on Dec 31. Stream ToneVizion’s Realms now.

ToneVizion – Realms EP

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