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Toadface closes out 2021 strong with fun, experimental self-release, ‘Residue’ EP

Album artwork: Third Eye Cats.

Experimental maven Toadface is closing out 2021 strong after a year of steady releases. Having already unleashed a number of noteworthy offerings—including his five-track concept EP, Tides, and the third volume of his “Perpetually On One” mix series—the underground bass maven now delivers his Residue EP as a self-release.

The five-track listening experience is boundless in terms of its generic fluidity and its pure, unadulterated fun. “I think my music is indicative of trying to make people have fun & be happy,” says Toadface of his musical catalog, “and that’s the energy I’m trying to recreate for all of my listeners.”

Cleanly mastered and excellently delivered, Residue proffers listener a window into the artist’s world. From the relaxing ambient opening track, “Vibe Out,” to his glitch-heavy collaboration with FRQ NCY, “Mythical,” all the way to the EP’s video-game reminiscent closing number, “Plant Food,” with it’s 8-bit sampling and organ chords, Toadface makes another statement here.

Toadface originally was a hardcore gamer before music heavily influenced his life. He drew early inspiration from his brother, Yheti, who showed him bits and pieces of how to produce and electronic producers who were making great music. His unique production style flawlessly fuses elements of trap and dubstep together with amphibious grooves implementing their own twist.

“Finishing this music felt like a collab with Todd [Yheti] from the past because all these tracks were started almost 2 years ago. Every track is completely different but still sounds connected in that they all sound like me.”

– Toadface

Filled with its masterful production, unrequited joy, and tons of enjoyable twists-and-turns, Toadface’s Residue finishes his 2021 off with a bang. Stream the five-track EP now.

Toadface – Residue EP

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