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Sonomancer releases latest single, ‘Digital Graves’

Paving the path with his fresh sound, Sonomancer returns to the release radar following September’s “Industria” with a brand new track. “Digital Graves” now lands as the culmination of Sonomancer’s talent to date. Drawing inspiration from the importance of human connection, and that we should remember that the point of social media is to aid that. 

The electronic, multi-instrumentalist brings his eclecticism to the track, defying traditional genre-boundaries to create undiscovered soundscapes that leave their listener wanting more. Sonomancer reflects,

“A little while ago, I reconnected with a friend on Facebook. A few months later I tried to check in on him, have a chat and see how he was doing, and I discovered that he had passed away.”

Martha Goddard lyrically communicates this journey, whilst Sonomancer provides the creative direction of the track, coming together to produce a dynamic, and thought-provoking single “Digital Graves.” Sonomancer muses that “I want my music to speak for itself, I play across all genres and hope that as many people as possible join me and enjoy this journey.”

“Digital Graves” demonstrates a phenomenal skill to deliver a message with a clear voice.

Sonomancer – Digital Graves

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