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ODESZA cryptically teases ‘The Last Goodbye,’ fan chatter goes viral

ODESZA sent the online world into a tizzy today, February 1, with their latest announcement. While it’s unclear whether the reveal is in fact new music, there was certainly a strong hint at finality.

The Seattle-basd duo is teasing something titled, “The Last Goodbye,” in cryptic fashion. Sending out postcards to mailing list fans with nothing more than a QR code, ODESZA’s marketing camp took them to a revamped ODESZA website (aka a Laylo landing page, which artists use to directly message their fans).

ODESZA’s Laylo page encourages fans to enter a phone number to “get notified about exclusive content, merch, and event drops” via recurring text messages.

Cue the mass hysteria within the rabid ODESZA fanbase: Was the end coming or is this the title of a new song? Is this signal to the final farewell tour? Are Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight parting ways?

Upon further inspection, and some digging into some HTML back-end, tech-savvy super fans were able to find a cookie crumb embedded into the code.

The clue was a gif-style video available at tlg3.odesza.com, which reveals Mills in the studio. ODESZA then tweeted out the same video snippet later in the day, vaguely confirming that new music was on the way.

While it’s far too early to read into the cryptic campaign, ODESZA did take to their socials on the four-year anniversary of their seminal LP, A Moment Apart, to say that new music was indeed on the way. Fans are certainly starting to rest a little easier now, but the hysteria generated some rather meme-worthy posts across the interwebs today. Take a look.

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