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Heavy dubstep artist King Gnarles releases 5-track EP, ‘Regular Tim’ 

Great news for fans of Champagne Drip, Blunts & Blondes, and Subtronics! As the project of dubstep newcomer Nick Hobbs, King Gnarles‘ sound manifested out of the late-2000s dubstep movement. Now King Gnarles releases this genre-bending and heavy-hitting EP, titled Regular Tim.

The EP’s title pays homage to famous ukulele player, Tiny Tim, which was also the very first instrument Hobbes ever played. So the artist decided to take some of the riffs he came up with over the years and incorporate them into a bass music EP. A combination we didn’t know we needed, this EP includes raps, ukulele riffs, and dubstep reminiscent of the Skrillex era. 

King Gnarles originally started when Hobbes began living in a van and traveling around the USA. Whilst his first instrument was a ukulele, he quickly realized that music was a passion, and moved on to playing drums in metal bands throughout high school. As he moved into his van and could no longer perform music in a group, he needed a different creative outlet and rediscovered his interest in bass music that he had as a kid. King Gnarles finished his first dubstep track around 2 years ago, and was immediately hooked on making music again, blessing his fans with multiple releases within the genre.

Stream King Gnarles’ Regular Tim EP below.

King Gnarles – Regular Tim

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