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Said The Sky showcases his vulnerability as strength on 15-track sophomore LP, ‘Sentiment’ [Album Review]

How does one define their own success?

While it’s a highly personalized measure for anyone, there may ultimately come a time in an artist’s career when they are forced to be honest with themselves. For Said The Sky, that moment came right after the release of his debut album in 2019.

As a lifelong lover of music, who’d been classically trained in the piano since the age of eight, Trevor Christensen had been “successful” by every industry measure. The Colorado native lept into making dance music just after its peak in global popularity and into a genre that was catapulting to the top of the electronic charts. Being billed at major festivals from coast to coast, playing mainstages, and working with top-tier artists like Seven Lions, Slander, and Illenium, he began to realize that he’d carved out his success by playing it safe.

Over the past several years, however, Said The Sky has been reshaping his mindset on music-making into a fresh perspective that seeks out creative risk-taking, showcasing his vulnerability as strength, and wearing his heart on his sleeve. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the multi-instrumentalist’s sophomore studio album, Sentiment, which sees its wide release on Lowly.

The 15-track, collaboratively power-packed LP not only signals a brand new, more acoustically-driven, genre-hopping style for Said The Sky, but sees him embrace a deeper level of connection to the music than ever we’ve seen from the artist.

Photo courtesy of Said The Sky/Facebook.

The new album marks Said The Sky’s first full-length release since 2019’s Wide-Eyed, which Christiansen admittedly “didn’t try anything crazy” or “take any risks.” As Christiansen says in his own words, “I just made some songs I liked and put them together in the form of an album.”

It was only after reading one helpful fan’s comments on a Reddit board that Said The Sky was even forced to take stock of his play-it-safe approach. He doesn’t remember the criticism word for word, but the comment has stuck with Said The Sky ever since: “it said something like ‘it [Wide-Eyed] didn’t feel like he pushed any boundaries. Feels like another straightforward EDM album.”

“Of course, right when I read it I was like damn that stung a bit,” the Denver-based producer continued. “But the more I thought about it, the more I could see that they were right.”

“The comment wasn’t mean, it was just an honest opinion on the album that I carried with me when making music past that point. So to whoever wrote that, thank you. It has changed my perspective when stepping into the studio and really inspired a new approach to my second album.”

– Said The Sky
Photo courtesy of Said The Sky.

After teasing out the project over the past six months, with plenty of personalized notes to his fans that really helped contextualize how personal the album is to him, Said The Sky fans also got a taste of just what Christiansen meant by his changed perspective. Not to mention, his four respective pre-releases—including “Treading Water,” “Go On Then, Love” with The Maine, “Walk Me Home” with Illenium and Chelsea Cutler, and “Emotion Sickness” with Will Anderson and Parachute—helped the world see the new sonic direction he was headed creatively.

Featuring even more collaborations with Olivver the Kid, Boy In Space, FRND, Motion City Soundtrack, We The Kings, State Champs, Sentiment doesn’t just carve out a new creative direction for Said The Sky. The album also showcases Christiansen’s vulnerability as a badge of honor. It is this comfortable, controlled emotionality that allows Said The Sky to powerfully connect his music to the hearts and minds of his audience.

Sentiment is about recognizing that sometimes things get tough and that’s ok. It’s human. Nobody is ever alone in feeling alone.” 

– Said The Sky

Bringing his melodic background and technical training into his music, Said The Sky works to capture everything beautiful in what people know as “EDM.” His last three years have been devoted to his production and bringing out ideas built up in his head from his entire childhood to life. His music is, what he hopes it to be, an experience: A captivating blend of moving bass lines, and soaring melodies.

Said The Sky will be embarking on a massive 36-date album accompanying tour from early March through the end of May, including a hometown showdown at Denver’s Mission Ballroom. Kicking off on the West Coast and bouncing back and forth across the country until a two-night cap-off event in Minneapolis, the Sentiment tour is one melodic fans will not want to pass on. Support for the tour, which varies by city, will include Kaivon, Elohim, Midnight Kids, and Olivver The Kid.

Stream Said The Sky’s second studio album in full below, using your preferred music streaming platform.

Said The Sky – Sentiment LP

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