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Common Creation crafts celestial sonic ride on 4-track EP, ‘Somber Science’ via SSKWAN

Photo courtesy of Common Creation/SSKWAN.

Last year, Common Creation made waves on WAKAAN with his debut EP, Tiger Blood. This year, he makes his stride over to brother label SSKWAN with the Somber Science EP. The EP consists of 4 tracks – crafted from beginning to end with celestial grooves and lightweight melodies. 

Leading off the EP is “Earth Rise On The Moon,” which is an ambient outerwordly journey that is sure to transport listeners onto the dark side of the moon. With swirling melodies, calming tones, and stylized drops, it’s not hard to imagine what it would be like to see earth rising over the moon’s horizon at “dawn,” at it were.

The EP’s title track, “Somber Science” then makes beautiful inflection for a peaceful serotonin recoup and boost to lead into EP full of calming soundscapes, relaxing tunes, and beautiful resonance.

Common Creation caps the ride with the trippy jamtronica influenced “Tampa Type” and a reflective experimental number, “Weighted Woke.” One thing is for sure: this isn’t an EP with titles meant to pick over for selective enjoyment. You’ll need to listen to the project from start to finish to get the full experience.

Stream Common Creation’s Somber Science EP, out now on SSKWAN.

Common Creation – Somber Science EP [SSK019]

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