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EAZYBAKED teases debut ‘Intertwined’ LP with one final single release, ‘Capsule’

Photo credit: Jason Siegel.

Orlando-based experimental bass duo EAZYBAKED continue to build on their strong grassroots reputation by always upping the ante of their creativity and adding intrigue throughout the national festival scene. Now, Eric Ray and Andrew Principe are ready to set a new standard for their artistry with INTERTWINED, the debut LP of the EAZYBAKED project.

In preparation for the full-length release, EAZYBAKED is rolling out the album’s final single, “Capsule,” a fitting close to promotional singles as it highlights the dynamic nature of the duo’s biggest work to date.

“Capsule” brings balance to the rollout with a low end and quirky edge in its sound design. The track opens with an eerie synth conundrum of sonics, warping and winding to create a familiar, wonky soundscape.

“Creating a minimalistic fusion of classic dubstep sounds and gritty trap sounds that really smacks ya in the chest! ‘Capsule’ is a great representation of our improvements in song progression and songwriting in general. We really pushed ourselves to make sure it feels diverse and dynamic the whole way through. ”


INTERTWINED conveys an intensity and warmth one might not expect from EAZYBAKED’s previous catalog. The LP also offers two collaborations as well – recruiting revered sonic innovators Of The Trees and VCTRE as collaborators. This new body of work shows an evolution from their patented deliveries and crunchy sound design by offering something a step outside the producer’s comfort zones – finding them exploring a spectrum of emotion through sonics.

Stream “Capsule” now and stay tuned for EAZYBAKED’s debut studio album release, due for wide release on March 4, 2022. Boasting 10-tracks in total, this new release explores a newfound depth and emotion through a cunning, electrifying odyssey of contemporary bass music.



  1. Innertwine
  2. Sapped (feat. Of The Trees)
  3. Letting Go
  4. Simulated
  5. Isolation
  6. The East (feat. VCTRE)
  7. Capsule
  8. S O T E
  9. Goon Mentality
  10. Distant Voices


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