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Silvermouse - 'Imagining Revisited' ft. Monroe Sound Science

Silvermouse re-release psychedelica single with Monroe Sound Science, ‘Imagining Revisited’


Can music be its very own psychedelic?

The obvious answer is yes and Silvermouse knows this all too well. Having been embedded into the underground livetronica scene since 2007, the electronica duo has long been bringing their spiraling psychedelic soundscapes to desert partygoers in the US southwest. Now they are re-releasing their 2020 single, “Imagining,” in collaboration with the Monroe Institute.

Introducing: “Imagining Revisited,” featuring Monroe Sound Science. The track’s journey-filled sound design is meant to activate the brain’s creative center through the use of Psychoactive sonics, which also happens to be the namesake of their newest long-form project. This single is also the project’s first installment, with which Silvermouse are looking to experiment with sound as a medium for human consciousness.

In partnership with the Monroe Institute, one of the longest-standing research organizations dedicated to the study of the esoteric edges of what is possible through the use of brainwave entrainment technologies, Silvermouse is breaking new ground by exploring gamma stimulation as a mode of reaching ecstatic states in a live sound setting. 

“Like all of our music to date, the song was recorded live with very little post-production (musically that is, adding in the MSS is a post-production process) – a big part of our sound is capturing the magic of live improvisation.”

– Silvermouse

Filled with pulsating rhythms and swirling textures and sounds, “Imagining Revisited” is an intriguing new release from this hugely talented duo, and could prove to be a reset moment for the electronic music scene. Silvermouse’s latest musical endeavor, Psychoactive, is a deep journeying dive into the psychedelic potential of music. Stream the first single from the upcoming project, “Imagining Revisited,” now.

Silvermouse – Imagining Revisited

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