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Rederick - Police [Wubaholics]

Rederick sounds off the alarm on newest Wubaholics contribution, ‘Police’ [Premiere]

Every bass music purist knows the sound— that ragga-flavored “sound of da police” sample from KRS-One’s one-off single. The flourishing Florida-based underground artist Rederick certainly knows the tune and stretches its LoFi sonics to their fullest on his latest Wubaholics single, “Police.” In fact, he builds an entire song around the 1993 record originally meant to be a critique on police brutality and systemic racism. How timely, indeed, especially in an age of post-BLM marches and cries for “Defund the police!”

Rederick spoke exclusively to CE over how the track actually came together for a live set, stating,

“I put together ‘Police’ a few days before my set at Asteria Music Festival this past summer and was astonished with the reaction it produced live. The idea came together rather quickly, and I was able to get some interesting bass sounds after playing around with a variety of distortion-heavy audio effects. I’ve been itching to release this track and super happy it found a good home in Wubaholics.”

– Rederick

As a staple on the Wubaholics roster, the Rederick project is fairly new, kicking off at the start of 2019. In that short span of a few years, Rederick has released over 25 tracks including a five-track EP. Beyond making culturally significant bangers, Rederick is also passionate about the planet and our human impact on it. Through his music, he desires to bring more awareness to climate change and how we can alter our planet on a daily basis, either positively or negatively.  Next time you listen to one of Rederick’s tracks, listen for the various naturalistic sounds embedded throughout.  

Stream Rederick’s “Police” now and keep your ears peeled on this promising young talent out of St. Petersburg, Florida.

Rederick – Police [Conscious Electronic Premiere]

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