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Trooper Da Don x Nakosta Yoris - Nigerian Disko EP

Trooper Da Don and Nakosta Yoris are bold and brooding on tech-forward EP, ‘Nigerian Disko’

It’s never a bad thing when dance music fuses itself with hip-hop.

Sitting at the crossroads between these two popular genres, Lust Record has proudly released an exciting collaboration between rapper Trooper Da Don and electronic producer Nakosta Yoris with EP, Nigerian Disko. Produced by both artists, the EP fuses old-school deep house sounds with the bold attitude and skills of Trooper Da Don.

“Nigerian Disko” and “Drowning” deliver an entrancing journey with heavy basslines, complex sound design, energizing beat structures, and addictive tech-leaning synths. The final track on the EP is “It’s Ok,” featuring a wide range of samples that pull from the likes of the Beastie Boys’ “No Sleep Til’ Brooklyn,” combining them with bold house beats, nice drum kicks, and a range of key-led elements driving the track’s forward momentum. The project truly transports you to the Berlin electronic scene, taking its inspiration from German artists such as Michael Mayer, Super Pitcher, Matias Aguayo, and Steve Bug.

French producer Nakosta Yoris has been involved in the electronic music scene since the late nineties. Upon relocating to Berlin in 2011, he joined Paul Bauer to become the musical union known as Paul und Smith. Along his journey, the France-born artist formed many friendships with other artists, one being Trooper Da Don, widely known for his collaboration with Lil Kim and Dj Tomekk on “Kimnotyze.” The multi-talented rapper’s bio profile celebrates his status as the “The only Grammy-nominated Rapper from Germany” along with his awards as a radio host and actor.

This EP is the second chapter amongst a series of four releases from Lust Record, all produced by Nakosta Yoris. The first, “I Feel Like That Too” was released in August 2021 as a solo project from the producer. The three-track collection inside Nigerian Disko joins as the next exciting addition to the imprint.

Trooper Da Don x Nakosta Yoris – Nigerian Disko EP

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