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UK electronica producer Bobby Shoop Shoop releases robust four-tracker, ‘Fools follow Fools’ EP

Music has been a staying force throughout UK producer Bobby Shoop Shoop‘s life. In fact, it was of huge significance to him when he was stuck with chronic fatigue in his early 20s. Music became the electronic artist’s way to constantly keep himself busy. All the time and effort he spent paid off, and the producer has had numerous successes over the years, with crossovers with The Group Dynamic and Minimal Youth. His song, “For Granted,” was even picked up by Carl Cox and played all over the world. After taking a break, the pandemic rekindled his love for making music and he’s back as Bobby Shoop Shoop (his old gamer nickname).

Fools follow Fools is the new four-track EP from Bobby Shoop Shoop. Dedicated to a strong rhythm and groove, this four-track project is an engaging fusion of vocal samples and organic sounds. This producer has been working on making a sound that changes trends in the dance scene and this project is a result of these efforts. Fools follow Fools is strongly inspired by British music, inspired by the likes of Bicep, O’Flynn, and Bonobo. From the title track at the start, to “Spinning in Time” and “Close Around You,” all the way until the closing number in “So I Turn,” the EP takes us back to classic dance sounds and adds the unique stamp of Bobby Shoop Shoop.

Stream Bobby Shoop Shoop’s Fools follow Fools now.

Bobby Shoop Shoop – Fools follow Fools

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