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DeeZ - Precursor EP

DeeZ heads to Street Ritual for ‘Precursor’ EP, take us to outer space on ‘Satellite’ [Premiere]

For anyone with a finger on the pulse of underground bass music, ears always perk up at the nearest sound of any Street Ritual release. Now the West Coast bass music label rejoins with an “old friend” in DeeZ for his multi-genre EP, entitled Precursor. We’ve had our eye peeled out for the east-coast producer for some time now, so it comes with great pleasure to premiere the third track on the EP, “Satellite.”

For the eight-track EP, DeeZ pulls out his heavy-hitting basslines, luscious hip-hop beats, and overall funky production elements, while simultaneously taking his signature style deeper into bass territories with every passing track. This creates a journey-like project that takes listeners on a spaceship ride from the earth’s stratosphere, past the asteroid belt and the farthest reaching Milky Way planets, and onward through portal holes into other dimensions.

Precursor sees DeeZ putting forth an evolved east-meets-west-coast sound that blends elements of dubstep, glitch hop, hip-hop breaks, and American halftime DnB into an indulgent ride through electronic genres. In what many would call an album-sized length, Precursor signals DeeZ’s largest body of work to date as well as what he believes is his “best work to date.” Speaking about the album-sized length project specifically, DeeZ noted:

Since I didn’t write these tunes with the intention of them being on an album I didn’t think it would be right to call it that. I look at it as a collection of my favorite tunes I’ve worked on in the last two years. It features some stuff you’d expect from me like Dubstep & Half time bangers but there are plenty of curveballs to keep the EP interesting. I hope everyone enjoys it!

– DeeZ

If each track on the EP signals a deeper foray into an otherworldly journey—with DeeZ at the wheel, to be sure—then “Satellite” must signal the point at which listeners begin to break the sound barrier from the earth’s gravitational pull. Floating on a blissful constellation of melodies, listeners become caught in a cometary flightpath of sound complete with gritty low-ends, beautiful plucks, and twinkling sonics. It’s an utterly exonerating journey that will surely allow any listener to break free.

Stream DeeZ’s “Satellite” below, along with the full eight-track Precursor EP via Street Ritual.

DeeZ – Satellite [Conscious Electronic Premiere]

DeeZ – Precursor EP

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