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Champy - Born To Be Perfect ft. Zaine Blue

Champy channels the euro-disco heydays on latest single, ‘Born to be Perfect’ ft. Zaine Blue

Fresh off debuting their new euro-disco/dance pop fusion project earlier this year, Champy is bringing positivity back with the new Zaine Blue-assisted single, “Born to be Perfect.” Referencing the days of Euro-Disco, “Born to be Perfect” is an upbeat and energizing anthem that brings modern instrumentation and arrangement styles to this genre. Teaming up with Zaine Blue for his chilled-out vocals, Champy’s new happy-go-lucky tune is sure to be stuck in your head all day.

Founded in Newport Beach, California at the top of the year, Champy debuted as a solo project with “Disco is Back! (Reason to Smile)” and, since then, have teamed up with tons of different artists to bring fresh energy to each track. Zaine Blue is just one of them, and the result is a track complete with smooth vocals, happy beats, positive lyrics, and a strong chorus.

According to Champy, these two things are what is needed for any Champy song. It is this self-prescribed “Champy-flare” that fuels their mission of bringing back the positivity and kindness we all have inside us. Ultimately, Champy’s music is created to discover the “champion in you” and that’s exactly what this track does! 

Stream Champy’s “Born To Be Perfect” below.

Champy – Born To Be Perfect ft. Zaine Blue

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