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The best EDM tracks to soundtrack your poker play


Good dance music can help you through so many situations in life.

How many of us have found ourselves sitting on public transport on a dreary day, uplifted by the sounds coming from our headphones? Surely, someone reading this has had a day at work where they’ve blocked out all the noise with some beats, focusing on their computer screen? Or, perhaps you’ve gone out on the road, pounding the tarmac driven by the constant pulse of the bass from your chosen music. There’s no doubt that EDM uplifts, motivates, and helps us through everyday life.

It can also help you around the poker table or when playing online. These are two distinct ways of playing the classic card game in the 21st century, and pounding some EDM into your headphones or speakers can keep you focused and sharp. Most casinos allow headphones; only top-level competition tends to frown upon them, which is why you’ll see players with a set of beats over their heads when poker tournaments are on TV. At home, in the solace of your basement or on your couch, you can crank up the stereo as loud as you like to enjoy your dance tunes whilst playing poker.

We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for some different vibes for your poker game and need a suggestion or two for tracks to hunt out. Here are some perfect EDM tracks for your poker game and why we’ve selected them.

Faze Miyake — Poker Chip

London-born Faze Miyake dropped this tune in 2015, and it’s a big one for poker players everywhere. Before entering the grime scene, he was raised listening to UK garage, jungle, and southern hip-hop. That’s a real full house of influences, and it’s no surprise you can hear some of them in this slow-burning track. The obvious poker reference is in the title; poker chips are the game’s currency, increasing in value and forming the pot, which all the winners are hunting. There’s nothing vocal to relate the chips to the song, but the slow, constant pounding of the bass should remind players about being consistent, well-paced, and not being lured by a big pile of the track’s title; poker chips.

Bright Lights, JUDICI & Molinoir – Poker Face (2021 Remix)

There’s nothing quite like a good remix, something that adds a new twist to an old track. That’s what the flop is all about at poker; you’re given your pocket cards, but the flop remixes them and hopefully provides you with a winning hand. Lady Gaga‘s pop tune, “Poker Face,” might not have been to everyone’s tastes, but the remix by Bright Lights, JUDICI and Molinoir hits the spot. The vocals are recognizable, but the beats are faster and more suited to EDM lovers everywhere. The underlying poker theme will certainly remind you to keep your poker face on whilst playing in person, although you can let the façade drop if you’re playing online at home.

System F – Out Of The Blue

System F‘s track Out of the Blue has been doing the rounds for a decade now, having first dropped in 2011. It is a frantic, energy-infused track that rises and falls in intensity. In that respect, it differs from Poker Chip, but it doesn’t mean it’s any less relevant. The track’s pace suits the title and message to a poker player; lots can happen out of the blue. Your hand can rise to a crescendo, and just as quickly, you can be folding the cards and seeing the pace slow. You’ll be prepared for both instances with this track in your ears.