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Sebastian Crane releases crooning 11-track debut album, 'Aboveground (Deluxe Mix Edition)'

Techno/house savant Sebastian Crane releases crooning 11-track debut album, ‘Aboveground (Deluxe Mix Edition)’

Since making his creative debut in late 2021, Sebastian Crane is becoming known for making music you can move to. Armed with degrees in electronic music production, sound engineering, and a style that’s deeply rooted in all kinds of club music, Crane demonstrates a love for the broad spectrum of tastes house and techno has to offer. Now the green producer is back with the release of his debut album, Aboveground (Deluxe Mix Edition).

The LP features seven remixes of released tracks, along with four brand new original titles, that together will evoke one’s primal drive to dance. Each track on this deluxe album follows each other seamlessly without pause—giving listeners a true feel for what Crane’s live shows are like. Filled with pulsating rhythms and energetic builds that you just won’t be able to resist, Aboveground combines Crane’s precise technical knowledge and musicality to create the LP’s raw and uplifting soundscapes.

In the past, Crane produced numerous tracks that were well received in the underground techno scene. His bootleg of Truncate’s “Dial” received a massive response and was played by Sluwe Vos as the closing track at Strafwerk Festival. Spinning records quickly brought him to local A-league clubs in Haarlem and his hometown of Amsterdam, playing alongside big shots like Michel de Hey, Lucky Charmes, and Gregor Salto.

Sebastian Crane has slowly revealed his creative talent track by track, gradually unveiling his live set. This has all been leading to the release of his debut album, which is out everywhere now. Listen below!

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