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Austeria & Zingara - Sisters of Fate EP

Austeria & Zingara conjure spellbinding three-track collaboration, ‘Sisters of Fate’ EP

For anyone following underground bass closely, you’ve probably had your ears closely peeled to Austeria and Zingara. The two rising queens of the bass music scene have been spotted together performing their live sets all across the country this season. All of that build up now culminates in a brand new three-track EP, titled Sisters of Fate, which the pair have been building toward for some time now.

The spellbinding collaborative effort, which is inspired by Greek mythology, showcases the Maryland-based artists’ ability to produce truly otherworldly soundscapes. Through buzzing basslines and ethereal synth tones, Austeria and Zingara bring forth a fully imagined, powerful, and ominous pursuit of Destiny. Austeria and Zingara speak on the meaning and influence of the release stating,

“The Sisters of Fate EP represents the story of three goddesses who determine the destiny of every being, mortal and divine, in the universe. Clotho spins the thread of life, Lakhesis allocates your fate, and Atropos cuts the thread determining the end of your story. This EP is our interpretation of their energy through music and channeling their power.”

– Austeria & Zingara

Expect plenty more music on the way from both artists and be sure to catch them when they make it to a city near you to hear the new tracks live. Stream Sisters of Fate now.

Austeria & Zingara – Sisters of Fate EP

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