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Stream DJ O-Bey's fourth studio album, 'Cyclical'

Stream DJ O-Bey’s tech-leaning fourth studio album, ‘Cyclical’

Growing up in West Detroit, DJ-Obey has always enriched his life with music. Living just round the corner from Buy Rite Music meant the producer frequented going and collecting vinyl which is where his love for electronic music particularly blossomed. Fast forward to DJ-Obey’s fourth solo album, Cyclical, a harrowing electronic journey fused with every element of house music—from tech to progressive and everything in between.

From the thumping kicks of “Santa Rosa” to the driving, euphoric rhythms of “Saturn,” and the beautifully tranquil melodies of “Pendulum,” to name a few stand-out cuts, Cyclical creates a rich soundscape that elevates its listeners to new heights and moods. The 25-track album pulls on DJ-Obey’s passion and love for the pulsing heart of Midwest houseand, pulling on elements from inspirations like Carl Cox, Debra Deluca, and Maceoplex. Cyclical is a fittingly perfect depiction of how dance music can encapsulate us in a dense wall of sound where overlapping frequencies treat the ears to a stunning musical masterpiece. 

Despite music production starting as a hobby, DJ-Obey’s 2020 debut album elucidated the notion that this was a viable career for him. Henceforth, each of his subsequent releases has laid a hopeful foundation for DJ-Obey’s future for in house music. Take Cyclical to the bank as a case in point. Stream the 25-track album below.

DJ O-Bey – Cyclical

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