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Malti-faceted UK musician Ellie Dorman returns harder than ever with her latest single 'Pretend'

Multi-faceted UK artist Ellie Dorman returns with sassy break-up single, ‘Pretend’

Equipped with a voice that harkens back to the legendary Nina Simone, Ellie Dorman is a little box of surprises with each track she releases. Dorman’s brand new single, “Pretend,” is the grooviest heartbreak song to come from the London-based rising artist.

Packing eerie synths and twinkling bells on top of a driving garage bassline and beat, “Pretend” brings a unique twist to the classic sounds of dance. The track is also the perfect breakup ballad for anyone dealing with resentment. When describing what the track is about, Ellie Dorman tells us of a “situation-ship” where the love interest was “pretending to mean everything he said.” Dorman comes back with a certain sassiness aimed at said person, with lyrics like “You’ve got it all wrong, I’m wise to your fakeness / It’s, it’s ok I know you’re a child and I won’t criticize. / Dealt what I felt I got it all wrong / You preyed on my weakness”.

Ellie Dorman is a southeast London musician with a flair for freshness. Her 2017 debut album, Twelve, gave listeners a first introduction to her distinct voice and eclectic fusion of sounds. The project was even nominated for Best Concept Album in the 2018 Interactive Media Awards. Just two years later, 2019 saw the release of Dorman’s four-track Near & Far EP, a project that offered newfound “angular” melodies over interesting chord progressions. Dorman has been performing with her band since 2016, offering fascinating shows to audiences in various London venues and festivals at Lechlade and Daxtonbury. Most recently, she had the pleasure of supporting ambient music duo AVAWAVES on their UK tour. 

Stream Ellie Dorman’s “Pretend” now!

Ellie Dorman – Pretend

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