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REZZ & Seven Lions – Archterus

Stream the long-awaited REZZ & Seven Lions collaboration, ‘Arcturus’


Fans can now count REZZ and Seven Lions as co-collaborators, at least “on paper” finally. The two disparate beatmakers (known as Isabelle Rezazadeh and Jeff Montalvo, respectively) first live debuted their highly-anticipated collaboration at EDC Las Vegas‘ 25th-anniversary edition, held at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in 2021. Tracing this release back to its birth has truly humble beginnings.

The now-famously-dubbed “REZZ Lions” collaboration all began from fan chatter on the Twitter-verse.

Let’s face it: The barrage of fan requests for two artists to work together likely becomes lost in the spammy void of Twitter activity present on any given EDM producer’s feed. Not to mention, the chances that a famous artist would even come across such a request are slim to none, since most typically hire PR teams to run their social pages.

Known for her interaction with fans, however, REZZ actually responded to one May 2021 tweet from a fan asking if she’d ever considered collaborating with the Ophelia boss despite their “vastly different styles.”

Despite falling on opposite ends of the musical spectrum, Seven Lions eventually jumped into the thread to voice that he was “so on board” with the idea of collaborating.

REZZ Lions Twitter screenshot
Credit: @festseasonmedia/Twitter.

Rezazadeh and Montalvo have each been “road testing” the dark, midtempo track in their respective live sets for well over a year now, but the track had not made any headway in terms of announcing a release date. When REZZ then confirmed the collaboration was “making some progress” on October 5, hardcore fans have since been clamoring for an official release (or, at the least, a track title). Then, last weekend, REZZ randomly tweeted that the duo had agreed to release the track on Monday, November 14.

The Ophelia Records and (newly launched) HypnoVizion head honchos followed up with the release of “Arcturus,” which is available on SoundCloud and YouTube for now, but will slowly release across all DSPs over time.

The track’s construction is a pulsating techno-driven tune that calls REZZ up to the helm—although there are certainly influences from Seven Lions’ iconic 2018 psytrance track, “Lucy,” present on the tune. While REZZ and Seven Lions’ stylistic approaches could not be more different, the two seem to reconcile this with flawless execution and balance.

Stream the track below, and also check out a fanmade video of the track being performed by REZZ while live out on the road!

REZZ & Seven Lions – Archterus

Seven Lions – Pantheon Tour @ 1st Bank Center Colorado ’21

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