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Swim the Shine welcomes a new era with the arrival of 'Stealth Mode' EP

Swim the Shine welcomes a new era with the arrival of ‘Stealth Mode’ EP

Swim the Shine has spent many years establishing himself as a musician and industry entrepreneur. After founding his very own record label in Gun Raven, the Budapest-born DJ/producer’s Stealth Mode EP marks his entryway into a brand new era. The idea for the EP came to him back in 2017 when Swim the Shine drew up a rough draft during a plane ride to Moscow. Initially penned with the title of “Stealth Mode Moscow,” the initial track has now evolved into this three-track EP with the help of German techno legend Timo Maas.

The three-tracker kicks off with the original mix, which proffers a subtle, stealthy listening journey as Swim the Shine injects factory conveyor belt fx on the bottom basslines, with eerie tubular bell synths floating atop as the melody. Next comes Timo Maas’ Dub Version Remix, which pulls listeners through a powerful bass drop, magnetic four-on-the-floor rhythm, and off-kilter tempos. With each passing track, the EP dives deeper into new and darker layers of techno, almost as if the listener has upped their difficulty level in a video game.

The last Timo Maas remix blends together glitch, dubstep, techno, and house to penultimate distortion, which will appeal to US underground bass heads at the highest (or lowest) level. Above all, the EP stands as a perfect launch into Swim The Shine’s new venture.

Swim the Shine spent his adolescence playing the drums, piano, and guitar, along with performing in countless bands, showing off his wide-ranging skill set in music. His talents on the drums even led him to perform at the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics. Afterwards, he decided to make the shift to work as a DJ and producer, a path that would eventually lead him to explore the world of VJing and the art of audio-visual performances. Since making it to the finals of Moscow’s Circle of Light Festival with his visual sets, Swim the Shine is set on pathing his own way in the audio-visual realm. Gun Raven is what’s next for Swim the Shine, a budding new platform and label dedicated to A/V arts and performance with the philosophy of embracing the transition from the analog to the digital age.

For anyone looking for the most boundary-pushing musical elements in techno right now, don’t miss out on this EP project. Stream Swim The Shine’s Stealth Mode now!

Swim The ShineStealth Mode EP

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