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Molokai - Other Dimension EP

Let Molokai take you to an ‘Other Dimension’ on journey-filled debut EP

If Molokai is still a name that isn’t yet on your radar, it’s time to start paying attention. The Milwaukee-based underground bass artist is bringing a new and personal sound to the bass music scene. He’s produced tracks on Spicybois and CloZee‘s Odyzey Muzique Vol. 1 compilation—which featured collabs with MeSo and chumra, respectively—which should be enough to get any bass music guru to start listening.

Pulling from his Hawaiian roots and diverse background, the up-and-coming producer embraces his heritage by integrating melodic, soulful, and comforting beats into every piece he touches. With his fresh and unique sound, he has already captivated the minds of many at festivals from Backwoods and Infrasound to Beyond Existence and Sound Haven.

On Other Dimension, Molokai has brought an absolutely superb sound design to his growing audience of experimental bass goers. Laced with clean production, deep low ends, and off-kilter sound design, the entire EP showcases a technical skill that is far beyond Molokai’s years in the industry.

From the eerily welcoming soundscapes of “Forget” to the robotic textures and digitized tones on “Envoy,” each track sounds exactly like it is named. There are also unique collaborations with fellow up-and-comers Daggz, on the track “Scythian,” and “Osha Violation” with Vide. Rounding out the album is “Quinoa,” a mind-warping production sure to distort any listener’s reality and catapult them straight into otherworldly dimensions.

Be sure to catch Molokai performing at upcoming events, from DoLaB’s Lightning in a Bottle to Electric Wave Festival in Indianapolis, and stream Other Dimension in full below!

Molokai – Other Dimension EP

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