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Let Vivran take you on a deft techno ride on journey-filled single, 'All Blue' ft Zieze

Let Vivran take you on a deft techno ride on journey-filled single, ‘All Blue’ ft Zieze

Hot on the heels of delivering his latest EP, Vivran is back with his newest collaborative endeavor, “All Blue,” which enlists the help of Zeize. Clocking in at a whopping six minutes in length, this journey-filled track was inspired by the likes of Innellea, Bicep and Janu. Moreover, this melodic techno ride into the deft, dark fissures of the mind. The track is sure to take any listener on a trip of deep self-reflection. 

Vivran weaves together sparkling chords, melancholic piano, emotive string sections, and irresistible basslines to create a “gray beach,” or what the producer calls “symbolism of a memory forever encapsulated in our minds.” Dark, yet ever hopeful, “All Blue” seeks to access the deepest feelings of any electronic dance music fan.

Francisco Garcia, better known as Vivran, is a world musician and producer blending sounds from various cultures from his home in Mexico. He started building his sound and identity in Barcelona in 2018 and soon after found himself back in Mexico developing as an audio engineer and national music producer. After working closely with the likes of Hugo Ibarra, Vivran began to search for a Mexican identity in electronic music.

Since then, the producer has formed his own record label called MOTIVANT Records in 2020, in which he seeks to present national and international talents that represent the concept of emotional, human electronic music. You can hear this musical exploration on countless projects, from his debut single in “Arta” to his 2022 EP, Opal Days. Vivran is a vibrant and fresh addition to the evolving global techno scene, earning the respect of anyone around him.

Stream “All Blue” now.

Vivran – All Blue ft. Zieze

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