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About Us

Conscious Electronic is a start-up media company dedicated to delivering dance music content in a more ascendant direction. Founded in 2018, our line of journalism rests on the idea that framing news in a conscious-raising light can re-shape the way our readership sees the world. When we change the way we consume music, we begin to talk about music’s place in the world differently, and when we talk more consciously, we begin to see our place on the planet with more self-awareness.

Equipped with a dedicated team of writers, photographers, videographers, music curators, and content creators from all over the world, CE is not just seeking to be an alternative independent news source for “all things EDM.” We’ve been actively building a globally-recognized brand since November 2018. One that is centered on gratitude, love, peace, acceptance, coexistence, and collaboration… all the things music stands for.

"We're building a global brand centered on gratitude, love, peace, acceptance, coexistence, and collaboration... all the things music stands for."

Our Core Values

  • Living through music
  • Foster energetic connection
  • Honing the power of our intention
  • Striving for spiritual enlightenment
  • Encourage critical questioning & radical inclusion
  • Fuel collaboration, reject competition
  • Seeking substance over surface
  • Upholding transparency over secrecy

We've all heard the popular phrases...

"Music is the language of the soul,"

       "Music is the universal language,"

            "Music is the ultimate life force."


Held close to our hearts, and at the center of everything we do, music is our beating force... just as festivals are the place we go to recharge! By the same token, we want to promote electronic artists not only because their music resonates with our tastes. But because they resonate with our values as human beings.

We attend festivals to gain a sense of spiritual renewal and to remember our connection to our energetic selves, our planet, and our place in the universe. When we project that reaffirming life force energy freely onto others upon returning home, the music has empowered us to light up the world around us— both in and through our writings, our podcasts, and our everyday interactions with those around us.

Inasmuch as "music is the universal language," music also becomes the great connector. Because "music is the language of the soul," it is inherently spiritual, ethereal, and often unexplainable. It's therefore energetic.

When we engage in holistic lifestyle practices— such as meditation, mindfulness, reiki, homeopathy, yoga, intention-setting, empathy, and so on— we create the space to start forming healthy habits.

When we practice conscious decision making— like choosing open dialogue and assertive communication with others, or getting a good nights sleep, or disciplining ourselves into a regular exercise schedule—  these "habits" start to become intentional behaviors. We begin to see them as "tools for living," or the building blocks of life, and they become a way of rewarding ourselves by treating ourselves kindly. They become internalized and authentic.

As CE staff, we choose to live holistically, intentionally, and authentically. In turn, this choice naturally translates into our work: through written pieces that are balanced, in articles that are enlightening, into online conversations that are thought-provoking, and through music that fosters deep connection.

As CE staff, intentionality is at the center of our everyday lives. By making intention a conscious lifestyle practice, the "power of choice" becomes embedded into every faucet our our lives. It's how we can learn to see beyond merely "what" we are doing and more deeply into why we are doing it, what effects our behaviors will have on others around us, and how it makes us feel internally. 

Ask yourself: What is my intention in this moment? What do I hope to gain out of this present exchange or behavior? Will this activity help or hinder me? Is it helping me in self-serving ways? Is it hurting my sense of balance?

Striving for spiritual enlightenment means empowering the CE readership to think differently about the world. We're talking to an audience who attend festivals as a "pseudo-religious" practice rather than a hedonistic place to party. They see them as a space where like-minded folks come to grow together, celebrate the human spirit, and practice a new-age code of ethics.

At CE, we're always encouraging our staff to seek out metaphysical teachings and eastern philosophy while on their own quest for learning. These teachings help us to challenge our own social and cultural upbringing, along with our society's ideological conditioning. We then begin opening ourselves up to new ways of thinking about our health, our humanity, and our world.

As such, we strive to cover topics that blend the mind-body-soul connection into music journalism. At the least, we publish every piece of content using this awareness. Our mission is to provide dance music news that is not only informative and substantive, but also enhances our readership's own unique journeys of “waking up.” Remember: there is no such thing as being “woke.” We are always in the present moment of waking up.

At the end of the day, this mindset helps us to better connect with a niche audience who also see themselves as “spiritual beings having a human experience.”

As a team of conscientious content creators, we strive to produce work centered on questioning everything in the world around us. As such, our writings often seek to challenge the dominant status quo that circulates so rapidly and so flagrantly throughout the mainstream. This includes content that celebrates powerful women, platforms queer artists, and props up other intersectional identities.

At CE, it is our hope to spark a sort of critical curiosity within our readers that makes them stop for a moment to think for themselves. To say, "hmm, I never thought about my privilege that way." Ultimately, we're attempting to move them to question their own normative societal views about identity— including race, class, gender, sexuality, etc.

Just like "illegal" nineties warehouse raves were once a space of political protest, where disparaged individuals came into celebrate together in hedonistic dance, we hope to provide a news platform that fosters radical inclusion, authenticity, and self-awareness. When write with this critical nuance, we are not just "speaking to" or "speaking about" those beautifully complex, layered identities who too often get pushed aside to the fringes. We are also seeking to upset the widely-accepted social norms that are too easily left unquestioned, or get mindlessly consumed or blindly absorbed.

Anyone working at all levels of the music industry has seen it. We've even fed into the unhealthy competition of trying to be the top ticket seller of that one promotional team, or trying to be the No. 1 fan whose seen their favorite artist the most number of times. 

Competition can be healthy, yes; like in professional sports where the highest-level athletes spend a lifetime navigating real sportsmanship. Yet, for some reason, competition in the music industry is toxic. Even for the most contentious minds, competition naturally breeds division and instills an "us-vs-them" mindset. We've seen this create "the perfect storm" for the most powerful EDM moguls, where friendships like Pasquale and Destructo were destroyed in the business game. So why not strive for collaboration instead?

At CE, we're realizing that no one person in the music industry has all the answers and everyone's just trying to figure it out as they go. This presents the perfect breeding grounds for collaboration. Not just a "you help me, I help you" working relationship, either; but a genuine attitude of "let's absorb each other's methods" or a "we're stronger together" mentality. True creatives do this all the time with top pop artists creating together, learning from one another, and forming friendships.

As female industry professionals have begun breaking glass ceilings at major record labels, and queer EDM artists are starting to climb out of the woodworks into a genre that is heavily dominated by white, straight males, we are slowly coming to see that everyone deserves a seat at the table. And when everyone comes to the table together, let's be real: better stories are told, better music is sold, and better experiences are created.

You just need to ask yourself: Am I a connector or a divider?

As a CE staff member, our journalistic ethics rests in digging deeper, raising tough cultural questions, and sound academic argumentation.

As such, our team of writers and critics take all of the extra steps to research articles topics. This is how we can so easily get past the surface level and down to the “nitty gritty.” This is where the substance lays, where you are authoritative and knowledgeable, giving your readers new information that they either didn’t know before or can’t find anywhere else.

Because we live in the age of surface-level exchange— driven by the internet's constant information overload, social media's anonymity, an search engine giants whose algorithms reward quantity over quality.

This is why so much of the blogosphere is steeped in superficiality and over-saturation, wether its the same regurgitated music write-ups, "polly want a cracker" reporting, or just bad writing. Readers aren't dumb; they can see when authors do their due diligence.

It’s in the substance: where you reach out to the artist directly for a quote. It’s in the facts: where you dig deeper with an online search to find out the artist’s past catalogue, real name, or home base. It’s in the language: where you talk about tracks with technical savvy and artistic nuance.

One of the hallmarks of the music industry is secrecy— whether its corporate gatekeeping or restricted access at shows, shady backdoor business promises and insider deals, "good ole boys" networks, the list goes on. This is all the stuff of which breeds a culture of toxicity and mistrust. Secrecy is the name of the game. 

The CE mission, in part, seeks to throw all these outdated business practices into the gutter where they belong in favor of transparency and inclusion where everyone can belong. Whether that means some high-level music executive isn't getting their overly inflated cut of the profit pie is the least of our concern. In fact, it's kind of an added bonus. 

Because a lot of CE's mission rests in throwing out the proverbial rulebook, as it were, we've also kicked this "secrets of the trade" sort of mentality to the curb. Why? Because it operates to exclude, hold people down, and shut them out. In its place, we've embraced a core value centered on "full transparency" in all aspects of the music business.

Whether its through CE's educationally-focused content like our Promo Spotlight, making "industry secrets" readily accessible on our Wide Awake Radio podcast, striving to be "bridge builders" for our fellow colleagues, 

If you believe in our mission and would like to support us being able to do

what we do every day, please consider becoming a donor…. 






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