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Newest Slushii and Marshmello collaboration explores emo side of EDM

Frequent collaborators Marshmello and Slushii are the cutting edge of doling out poppy, buoyant dance music to the masses. The pair’s first collaboration, “Twinbow,” was received as a charming ballad which left both fans and critics yearning for more.

Now the two confectionary producers have teamed up once again, this time in the attempt to bring a completely new canon into their candy-pop style of EDM. That’s right, “There X2” ventures into the realm of punk-rock with emo-affected vocals melded onto the pair’s party bass elements. Bright arpeggios, toy box synths, and reverb bass mark the track, bringing a hopeful appeal to a genre that is typically known for fast-paced, hard-edged melodies and stripped-down instrumentation.

Given Marshmello’s last single, “You & Me,” where the producer debuted his own singing, perhaps this new merging of sounds should’ve have been expected.