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G JONES has just given fans another dose of his highly-anticipated debut LP, THE INEFFABLE TRUTH, with the release of the album’s second single. Titled “IN YOUR HEAD,” the track comes as another gritty experimental bass cannon, blasting listeners with spacey synths, foreboding bass lines, and his signature use of chiming church bells as a tension builder. Perhaps the best part about G JONES’ work is his ability to dig deep into the psyches’ of his listeners. “IN YOUR HEAD” is no different — and what results is truly intelligent bass music design.

The Santa Cruz based producer has been taking to his personal Twitter all summer to divulge on the album’s impending release, which is set to arrive some time this fall via his own imprint, Illusory Records.

Jones recently uncovered the album’s full track list, which appears to be an all-solo project.

Artwork: Victor Mosquera