Check out 10 of Tomorrowland’s world class stages

Anyone whose made the luxurious voyage to Bloom, Belgium’s Tomorrowland knows that the stage production is second to none — and 2018 is no exception for the ID&T-produced event. Thanks to a Flemish newspaper outlet, De Morgen, CE is happy to bring our readership photos of 10 of Tomorrowland’s 16 stages this year.

The main stage transports attendees straight into an aquatic world, complete with sea creatures of all shapes and sizes, along with a vast seahorse as the stage’s centerpiece. Other stages boast impressive set-ups as well: Hosted on the water, the Rose Garden stage includes a Loch Ness creature emerging from the depths. The Atmosphere tent features a massive enclosed space with top-knotch LED lighting displays.

Take a look at 10 of Tomorrowland’s stages below.


Theatre Formidable

Rose Garden

Harbour House





Organ of Harmony


Photo Credit: Alan van Zitteren

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