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MUST LISTEN: G Jones delivers third single ahead of forthcoming album, ‘TIME’

G Jones is becoming a master of his craft — and his recent string of new releases are not just turning heads, but making minds melt. After releasing “UNDERSTANDING THE POSSIBILITY” and “IN YOUR HEAD” to much fan fare, the Santa Cruz-native is sinking deeper into the underground depths of the bass music world with the third release off his forthcoming album, THE INEFFABLE TRUTH.

Dubbed “TIME,” the track signals Jones’ further foray into the experimental realm with a cinematic, budding composition that feels like the sonic representation of Salvador Dalií’s famous melting clocks painting. Characterized by eerily chiming clocktowers, the rapid second hand ticks of a pocket watch, and off-kilter snare work, the song’s expert sampling leaves listener’s feeling as if time itself is somehow running out. Yet, the track paradoxically retains a relaxing melodic appeal in it’s use of calming flute progressions and classical symphonic chords. Clocking in at over 6 minutes in length, “TIME” takes listeners on journey that collapses time and space dimensions, fully immersing them in the strange.

THE INEFFABLE TRUTH will arrive on G Jones’ label, Illusory Records. Although no release date has been assigned, fans can expect it may come around the same time as the experimental beatmaker embarks on his “THE INEFFABLE TRUTH” tour this September.

Featured Artwork: Victor Mosquera