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Dorfex Bos releases in-your-face bass single, ‘Cameleon’

With a long-standing history of collaborations with Bassnectar, the most recent of which have been on the first two parts of his Reflective EP series, Angelo Tursi has finally made the choice to jump head first into the underground, cavernous waters of the bass music world. Tursi flies under his Dorfex Bos moniker and he’s doing it signed to the illustrious Madison House.

The West Coast free form bass producer released his debut 4-track EP in the earlier part of the year. He now returns with a brand new single he’s aptly naming “Chameleon,” no doubt named after his formless style of production. The in-your-face track is jarring and aggressive, to say the least. Overflowing with grit and tenacity, “Cameleon” is meant to knock listeners out of their seats and into the weird world of Tursi’s mind.

The track looks to be the first in a string of releases making up another soon-to-be EP, although Dorfex Bos’ camp has yet to confirm. Hopefully, this is the first sign of what is to come next out of the Dorfex Bos tool belt.