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Stream Aphex Twin’s 5-track ‘Collapse’ EP

It’s been four years since Aphex Twin returned to making electronic music, and that was after a nearly 13-year hiatus. From 1999 to 2001, he managed to turn the electronic music world on it’s head time after time. Certainly, the Duke of Rave is in no rush. But that’s the kind of patience a seasoned veteran enjoys.

After a series of cryptic EP posters were plastered all over the world, along with a surprise release of the EP’s glitchy leading single, Richard James returns to the fore in his wildly-innovative Collapse EP. The 5-track project is a complete ode to the IDM underground, marked by sauntering arrangements, wistful synth melodies, and glitched-out landscapes that rarely come up for air.

James has now reached the phase of his career marked by a no frills, anything goes approach to music making. That is exactly the kind of energy the EP exudes. It’s the kind of musical freedom that producers dream of.

Aphex Twin’s Collapse EP is out now on on Warp Records.

Photo credit: Martyn Goodacre/Getty Images