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Is this cryptic countdown on Swedish House Mafia’s website pointing to an official reunion announce?

With Swedish House Mafia hype at an all time high, it appears the Swedish supergroup has finally given fans something tangible about their all-but-confirmed reunion tour.

Steve AngelloSebastian Ingrosso, and Axwell have each posted the same cryptic countdown timer to their social media accounts, directing fans to the SHM website, where a clock is ticking towards Monday, October 22 at noon EST. The date coincides with an important date surrounding the group’s sophomore album, Until Now.

The trio have been teasing their return since reuniting at the 20th anniversary of Ultra in March, previously confirming they’ve been in the studio together and that they will make an appearance at Ultra Mexico in 2019. But as usual fans will have to wait until the the clock ticks zero before wetting their whistles over a SHM return.