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Steve Angello confirms Swedish House Mafia to play Ultra Mexico 2019

Since their epic Ultra return, talk of an impending Swedish House Mafia reunion tour seems all but certain. Yet, nothing has been officially announced — and that’s exactly the kind of rumor mill viral marketing the star-powered trio seems to enjoy. Here’s what we know:

While most chatter has been wildly ambiguous — and perhaps purposefully so —  Steve Angello has now offered the most succinctly worded verbal confirmation to date.

“Mexico, I’ll see you next year with Swedish House Mafia,” Angello announced during his solo set at Ultra Mexico this past weekend.

Hard to read anything into that statement. And although festivals usually force artists to sign non-disclosure agreements over upcoming appearances, at least until after the festival has announced it to the masses themselves, this is Swedish House Mafia after all.

Still, fans are yearning for an official announcement. Even as SHM remain masters of edging their crowds over what’s to come, we’re willing to bet that 2019 will be filled with sold-out stadium tours across the globe and mainstage performances at the world’s biggest and most visible festivals.