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Louis The Child release dazzling new 9-track EP, ‘Kids At Play’

Following up to their flawless Love Is Alive EP release last year, Chicago-based beat makers Louis The Child have finally unveiled their much-anticipated EP, Kids At Play, out now on Interscope Records.

With five singles already released off the EP, Kids At Play comes together with all the cohesiveness of a full-length album — and at nine tracks, the project very well could stand as an LP on its own. Characterized by samples of kids playing, their signature light-hearted jolty synths, and glitchy, jam-infused break downs, the entire project solidifies their place as one of electronic music’s most innovative pair.

The EP also features some pretty hefty collaborators in “Save Me From Myself” with NoMBe and Big Gigantic, “The City” with popular EDM vocalist Quinn XCII, and cute number with Elohim on “Love,” who also provided vocals on their last EP. All in all, the nine track dance-pop offering is warm, colorful, and, as their name suggests, filled with the nostalgic sentiment of childhood.

Photo credit: Cameron Postforoosh