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GRiZ plugs back in with two soaring releases, ‘It Gets Better’ & ‘Can’t Get Enough’

The moment everyone has been waiting for has come… GRiZ is back!

Aside from appearances at Lightning in a Bottle, Electric Forest, and an iconic Red Rocks performance, which featured his newly instated 15-piece live band, Grant Kwiecinski has been pretty much silent this past year. The sax-toting, future funk musician blacked out his social media, sharing only cryptic teasers that he was working on new material.

After taking time off for himself, GRiZ has finally released two new tracks which taste a lot like the first two remnants of his forthcoming album. The first, “It Gets Better,” adds a dash of rap to his funky repertoire. The tune serves up soulful lyrics from a children’s choir, along with some powerful and uplifting verses care of R&B/hip-hop artist DRAM about overcoming life’s hardships.

The second track, dubbed “Can’t Get Enough,” marks GRiZ’s featuring his own vocals on one of his tracks, including a verse showcasing his own rap skills. Taken together, the two tracks tell a larger story that fall nothing short of the magic felt from his last release back in 2017, Chasing The Golden Hour Part 2.

Watch GRiZ live from Los Angeles discussing his break from the digital world and his two comeback tracks.