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REZZ uploads her career-defining Red Rocks debut in full [MUST WATCH]

Canada’s very own “Space Mom” has had the biggest year of her career.

To say REZZ had a monumental past year would discredit her unwavering success in 2017. Even still, the mau5trap favorite continues to climb the ladder and shows no sings of slowing down. On top of releasing her sophomore album, Certain Kind of Magic, she’s announced forthcoming collaborations with deadmau5 and Bassnectar.

Her live resume includes appearances at just about every marquee festival of 2018, including Tomorrowland and a second year headlining Shambhala. More than any of those events, REZZ said the career highlight of her entire year belongs to her debut headlining performance at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. She also promised to upload her set of the night in full HD for fans who weren’t able to experience the diabolical magic firsthand.

Now REZZ delivers on her promise. Between the evening’s dazzling new visuals and REZZ’s full-on dance moves, along with REZZ running through old classics and a hypnotic ID to boot, the sold-out spectacle truly took her loyal cult following to Neptune and back.

Photo credit: Jason Seigel