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John Mayer and Diplo are reportedly in the studio together

Diplo is continuing his streak of working with everybody whose anybody in the musical world. After announcing a final Major Lazer album, and two side projects in  Silk City and LSD, Diplo has just shared the news of a forthcoming John Mayer collab. Random white guy truly is – or, er – “be everywhere.”

Diplo gets cheeky in his “augmented reality of Instagram,” stating that while the commercial pop producer and his counterpart Mayer were “in such a state of creative delight” while in the studio, “the idea of stopping in real time…seemed awkward.” So, in retrospect, Diplo shared a picture of a baby goat he was gifted in Jamaica on his birthday.

A truly random offering to match a completely random pairing, Mayer confirmed the news of a collaboration during a November 18 episode of his Instagram Live talk show, Current Mood with John Mayer.

“By the way, as we speak, Diplo is sending me rough mixes of songs we’ve worked on. They’re pretty cool,” Mayer stated. “I know I sound like someone’s Dad, but this guy is good at what he does. You sing one thing, and he’s like ‘give me one second,’ and money starts shooting out of the mixing board. He’s amazing.”

Music fans can expect to see the radio-friendly musing before too long. Time will only tell on how the two starkly different sounding music creators negotiate their styles on their upcoming joint effort.