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Lido releases shimmering, evocative visual EP, ‘I O U 2’

Norwegian musician Lido has been expanding with every project that he’s touched. From his highly acclaimed debut album Everything to his I O U 1 EP released last month, his capacity for creation continues to flourish. Lido’s most recent 5-track offering finds him doing most of the singing atop his vividly unique production, and it’s clear that his R&B touches are moving with purposeful intention towards a grander, unified vision.

“I put out an album called Everything pretty much exactly two years ago, and I thought I was going to follow that up with an album called Nothing,” Lido tells NESTHQ of the project. “And instead of doing that, I took that music and split it into two EPs called I O U 1 and I O U 2. So I dropped I O U 1 about two months ago and this is the second part of that. So everything was a concept album, a post-breakup process thing, and then I O U 1 and I O U 2 is sort of a reflection on that process after the fact. So it’s very personal music to me, really scary to put it out but I’m really proud of it at the same time.”

The release is accompanied by closely-guarded visual screenings (out now in select theaters) wherein participants must forfeit use of their phones before entering the viewing area. Standing for “Inspiration Over Utility,” the EP offers a series of emotionally-driven songs that bring the listener into the mind and feelings of Lido at his most vulnerable.

Featuring the crisp production work that marks the majority of his catalogue, IOU2 is both a return to the producer’s traditional strengths and an exploration of newer territory. The bright, melodic synthesizers that are a hallmark of his work remain, but his unaltered singing voice takes the spotlight on this project in a way that it hasn’t before. Limited percussion work throughout the release draws the listener in to the glistening soundscape that Lido offers here.

The rising producer doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon, and fans will be eagerly awaiting his next offering.