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Gesaffelstein confirms new album, ‘Hyperion’

No more smoke screens for Michel Lévy. Just a full album of pure industrial bliss, coming November 2019.

Since Gesaffelstein erected cryptic billboards hinting at his return to dance music, the rumor hive has been buzzing with speculation over an impending sophomore album. The rumors seemed more likely when the equally cryptic news broke that the French tech titan had officially signed with Columbia Records back in late October.

Then, rumors of the next album were all-but-confirmed when Michel Lévy released his first track in over three years in “Reset.” After all, why would a studio-signed artist release anything if not to tease a larger project?

Now, in a now not-so-cryptic billboard pasted across a building in Miami, it can be confirmed that Gesaffelstein’s next album is a soon-to-be reality. The advertisement reveals his sophomore album’s artwork and title, Hyperion.

Although no official release date has been given, the album will arrive on Columbia, which confirmed fans could expect something in a stripped down press release issued at the beginning of November 2019.