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Former manager details how Swedish House Mafia’s reunion tour was ignited

When Swedish House Mafia surprised the world during their Ultra 20 closing spot, fans of the dance music pioneers were beginning to lose hope that the iconic trio would ever return. After all, they had been apart for five years, their solo careers had already taken flight, and Steve Angello spoke many times about how they were burnt out.

That all changed in the blink of an eye — or in an early morning phone call, rather. According to former SHM manager Amy Thompson, that’s all it took from her friend and Ultra co-founder Adam Russakoff. In a recent Instagram post, Thomson candidly explained that she frequently received “too early in the morning phone calls” from Russakoff. But this one came right when she was boarding a flight to Sweden.


The words that changed the world. Or to SHM diehards, saved the world.

Her brief and endearing story about the iconic Swedish trio went into detail about that fateful day in March, when the production team hadn’t even tested whether the fire could go that high: “but when it went off and those 3 friends who had not seen each other for 5 years were surrounded by fire,” it was a moment where history was in the making.

Now the three are back together in the studio and the Swedish House Mafia reunion tour taking full shape in 2019 around the world. Stops have already announced in Stockholm, Mexico City, Tel Aviv, Liverpool, along with four other festivals, and more dates to be announced.